Saturday, 20 December 2014  
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1998 Zone Meet Phoenix AZ

Pacific Southwest Zone Meet 1998

Photos of a few of the cars at the meet

John Verrill's 1924 EM

Pete Mensing's 1953 2R17 195

Bruce Sandburg's 1938 Coupe

Ray Carr's 1940 Champion

J R Parkers' 1929 Sedan

Carl Thoms' 1964 Pickup

Chuck Collins' 1951 Starlight Coupe

Don Robertson's 1947 M17 Truck

Hugh McDowell's 1953 Champion

Roy Tuttle's 1950 Pickup

Sid Rosen's 1955 Speedster

Doug Quelland's 1949 Commander

Lavin Cuddihee's 1958 transtar

Chris Collins' 1955 Speedster

Sid Rosen's 1931 Commander

Bill Junge's 1951 Champion

Ken and Joyce Mooney's 1951 Pickup

Carl Thompson's 1940 Commander

"Field of Dreams"

B17.jpg (37723 bytes)

Studebaker powered B-17 at the Confederate Air Force Museum

In Mesa Arizona



eastburnsnows.jpg (12012 bytes)

Chris Eastburn's R-1 Lark, A rare day in Phoenix

Larry Vahe's 1955 Speedster in Utah

Lloyd Watts' 1936 Dictator Coupe
In Sierra Vista AZ

More of Lloyd's collection

1917 Six Cylinder Seven Passenger Touring Car

1924 Big Six Opera Coupe

1930 Commander Eight Brougham

1930 Studebaker Tow Truck

1941 Commander Sedan

1950 Commander Convertible

Lloyd's 1955 Speedster

Collins' Avanti in Jerome AZ

Collins'1963 GT Hawk at Papago Park
Phoenix AZ

Collins' 1963 Avanti at Papago Park
Phoenix AZ

Kolton Kroulik's Goat Wagon